November 3, 2011

Trip Report: Hong Kong & Again - MNL-HKG on Cathay Pacific Economy Class

Let us just bypass Manila's international airport from this trip report. I am sure you've seen enough ugly pictures of it by now from my previous posts that your stomach can't take any more of it anymore....

......or not :-)

Since I've been so busy these past few weeks, I was not able to make a post about how Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport is now the #1 airport in the world, according to the recent survey done by worst airport in the world. Hehe.

Anyway, if you fancy some pictures of Cathay's Business Class Lounge in this airport, click on my older trip report here. I am flying Coach this time around. Yes, Coach.....

I haven't actually flown Cathay's Economy Class for the longest time (I flew them on Business during my last trip to Thailand last May) but I remember it to be one of the best. I have flown Singapore Airlines' recently and the service and quality is still the same as before. Hot meals, hot towels, even a printed menu. For Economy Class passengers! So I was actually looking forward to this flight with Cathay.

This excitement just grew more because I was finally going to be able to fly the much hyped (and panned) fixed-back shell seat of the airline...

Well, that is where the excitement ends. Remember my recent post about "My first-ever depressing flight with Cathay Pacific"?

Flight#/Route: CX906/HKG-MNL
Date: October 11, 2011
Depart: 11:00AM
Arrive:  1:15PM
Duration: 02h 15m
Seat: 46J
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400

I just have to mention the premise for flying Cathay still even if the flight is really just an hour and a half, and even if there are a lot of cheaper alternatives now.......

I need to fly in a bigger aircraft as much as I can choose to (fear of flying sh*t), I enjoy the full service of hot meals, drinks, etc etc, and I get my own personal doesn't matter if all I get to see is one episode of Modern Family or whatever.

ANYWAY, there is really not a lot to report in terms of this short flight. Take-off and the whole duration of the flight was uneventful and fairly smooth, and the descent and landing was the same.

What is worth noting, though, is that almost an hour into the flight, I was wondering why meal service still hasn't started. And when it did, I realized why it never started early on in the flight......

There were no hot meals to serve on the flight. I was never asked if I wanted chicken or beef. :-)

This is what I got....

It was depressing :-(

Like I mentioned in the short post I made right after the flight, thank God that that bread was palatable because if it wasn't, I would've really felt sorry for myself :-)

After receiving what I did, all I could think of was when Cathay started doing this with their flights to and from Manila. I know that a lot of airlines started scaling back in the last few years so I really don't know if I can blame Cathay for doing this.

But isn't the hot meals still one of the distinguishing factors left between the bigger airlines and the budget ones? Oh well.

Here are more pictures of their new Economy Class seat which, I must say, is better in terms of keeping your personal space (the shell seats do not recline to your back seatmate's space) but probably really uncomfortable for your back if you fly it on long-haul. Now I know why it is both lauded and panned at the same time :-)

Of course, their personal entertainment options is still one of the best in the industry.....

Modern Family....... :-)

There is even a power outlet on each seat....

The crew was a hit and miss. Some were the typical over-friendly Asian crew that everyone is used to and the others make it seem like they just want the service portion of the flight to be done with. That is actually not typical of any of my Cathay Pacific flights before. I've never had an "apathetic" flight attendant with Cathay before until this trip.

And we finally land in rainy Hong Kong....

And I FINALLY saw an A380 up close. I know, that's pathetic :-)

And a father and son cubicle in a restroom at the Hong Kong airport :-)

Cool, right?

Aptly, I end this post on Cathay Pacific's MNL-HKG Economy Class with a picture of a toilet. Kidding. :-)

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  1. you can get a more decent meal from a budget airline than that. :(

  2. Almost. Which makes flying Cathay, on the same route, a little bit impractical now. Sad. :-)


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