December 13, 2014

This Wouldn't "Fly" In The U.S. .....

Well, I guess, it will. But expect to be charged for violation of a federal law and a felony conviction.

The Washington Post/AP reports how a Thai Air Asia flight was forced to return to Bangkok (bound for Nanjing, China) after one of the Chinese passengers threw scalding hot water on a flight attendant. The incident reportedly stemmed from when the Chinese woman and her boyfriend discovered that they were not seated together in the plane -- because the group they were a part of assigned the seats in alphabetical order.

Here is a photo from a similar article from showing an Air Asia flight attendant covering her face with her hands and walking towards the back of the plane....

Image from

I am not entirely sure about the credibility of the photo above but another article actually mentioned the existence of a video. The video was supposedly posted on the internet by China National Radio and it shows a man standing up in the cabin and making a threat to bomb the plane. Yup, the boyfriend reportedly stood up after her girlfriend threw hot water on the flight attendant and started threatening to bomb the plane.

To read more about this incident and to find out where the woman got her boiling water :-/, click here for the source article.

December 5, 2014

Korean Air's New (Prestige) Business Class Seat?

I know I've been slacking and my apologies. I hope 2015 will allow me to blog more regularly again :-)

Anyway, I just saw this photo on Korean Air's Twitter page.....

Image from Korean Air/Twitter

Without understanding Korean, I assumed it was a new seat. I guessed it was a new Business Class seat but I wasn't sure given their current offerings.

So with the help of Google Translate.....

Image from Google
So there you go -- Prestige Class, Korean Air's name for their Business Class.

I tried doing further research but could not get any more information on this so I guess we will just have to wait for future announcements on the seat and the first route it will be flying.

Haven't flown Korean since 2006 so who knows if my next one will be on this new seat ;-)

October 27, 2014

Peak Autumn Colors in Wisconsin

I recently went to Madison for the weekend to use the Hyatt Place certificate I won in their "200 hotels" promotion. I will do a separate review of the property but let me first share some of the great Fall photos I took from the trip. When I say "great", I mean the scenery :-) My iPhone 4S doesn't do the colors and views any justice....

Devil's Lake State Park perimeter area. With Instagram filters....

View from the East Bluff.....

Devil's Doorway....

 The amazing entrance to the state park....

All together now.... "stand by me, oh, stand by me..." :-) .......

Somewhere in Wisconsin :-) ......

There are so many blog-worthy photos but you might get bored if I posted more. Anyway, after awhile, they all start looking the same :-)

Next post is about Hyatt Place Madison/Downtown.

October 15, 2014

New Prints at mapd

Here is another shameless plug :-)

Check out the new prints that I've posted on our website and at Etsy.....

Image owned by mapd
Image owned by mapd


October 6, 2014


I have finally put up my small art business online.....

...and ask that you check it out and maybe share with your family and friends :-)

mapd prints are original, limited edition digital works of art. We print using archival pigment ink and acid-free archival paper. With proper framing and care, the print is guaranteed to last for more than one lifetime.

mapd currently has two types of pieces: skyline...

Image owned by mapd
and typography...

Image owned by mapd
Here is a sample of a framed print...

We only sell the actual print and the matting and frame are just suggestions.

There are currently only 10 published pieces in our website and at our Etsy shop but we are continuously churning out new ones regularly. We are also looking at creating a postcard line for the pieces and will do that as soon as possible.

Please let your family and friends know! If something fancies you, make sure to order it immediately as each art work is limited to 250 pieces only!


Etsy Shop:

Back to regular programming..... :-)

September 5, 2014

My Instagram and Twitter Accounts Have Turned Into Virtual Contest Entries

Anyone still there? Again, I blame "life" for getting in the way of my blogging :-)

This past month, I have been busy setting up a small business. It is travel-related but it is more on the visual arts side; if that makes any sense. I will be posting about that as soon as it is online as I could surely use this platform to promote that venture.

Anyway, other than setting up my small business, I have also been busy joining airline and hotel contests. Hehe. Yep, I have been using my "precious" time posting photos on Instagram and tweeting hashtags in the hopes of winning something :-)

In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of lucrative promos on these social media sites. There was that Emirates promo on Instagram to promote their new Chicago route, wherein they gave away several pairs of tickets to Dubai. Cathay Pacific had a Facebook promo highlighting their Premium Economy Seats and gave away two tickets to the winner. Hyatt Place also did one to promote their 200 locations and gave away 200 free nights. And so on and so forth.

There are a lot of promotions still currently ongoing like ANA's "Fly Me To Japan" Twitter/Instagram photo contest where they will be giving away two tickets to Tokyo, Autograph Collections' #summerautograph Instagram contest where the winner gets a trip to NY, etc etc.

Note that these are mostly contests for US residents. I am sure that there are a dozen other contests for other markets and you just have to follow the official pages/handles of these airline and hotel companies to find out which one you can join.

So, with all the "time" I've spent entering these contests, you wonder if I've ever won anything yet, right? Well,  I am proud to say that I've actually won two significant prizes already -- in a span of two weeks!

Remember when I said in a recent post that "I will win tickets next"? Well, I did.

I will do a post on those next.

August 9, 2014

What To Do When Your Carry-On Is Over The Weight Limit

Well, according to reddit user "stou" you can do this.....

Image from reddit user "stou"
According to the post, these two men were being charged $130 by Scoot (Singapore) because their carry-on was over the "free" weight limit -- so they just decided to wear the clothes in their bag so they don't have to be over the "limit". 

It was also mentioned in the post how, apparently, an airline agent told them that he/she will be at the boarding gate to make sure  that they are still wearing everything. Hilar! :-)

Kudos to these guys! And love the captain's hat!

Click here for the source reddit post.
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