February 26, 2015

Birthday Greetings from our Airline/Hotel Friends v2015

This year's greeters are pretty much the same as last year's. I am not sure if the big guys only send their elite members birthday greetings anymore but the last time I got anything from them was back in 2011 with Delta (here and 2012 from Marriott Rewards (here). As I pointed out with the holiday greetings, I feel like sending out a birthday greeting to a member is one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools. The mileage and goodwill is non-comparable to the effort.

Anyway, thanks to the following....

Image from Virgin Atlantic

Image from Jet Aurways

Image from Langham Hotels

Image from The Club of SLH of the World
Image from Southwest

And to Virgin America, who deserves the most thanks for sending out an actual gift -- 500 free points!

Image from Virgin America

Thanks y'all! :-)

January 15, 2015

Virgin's First Time...

Sorry, I just had to :-)

Anyway, the first-ever Virgin Hotel in the world opens today, in Chicago's Loop area. 

Photo from Crain's Chicago
Photo from Virgin Hotels
 I really wanted to check-out (read: check-in. Hehe) the hotel today but I've been really busy the last few weeks. I could've been this lucky first-guest who now gets free accommodations at the hotel on every January 15 of his life. 

Photo from Virgin Hotels
Anyway, I'll probably have the chance to check out the property in the next month. I will make sure to post a review here after that stay.

If you are collecting Virgin America Elevate points, the hotel has a current offer of 1,000 points for each stay. Click here for that promo.  

To read more about the hotel, click here .

December 27, 2014

My First & Last Air Tran Flight

I just got off my first and last Air Tran flight this afternoon...

I can't believe I've never flown this airline before given that it has been around for more than a decade. Well, I guess that is not really a valid reason considering I've never flown Spirit Airlines as well. And I think they've been around longer.

Anyway, I booked the flight through Southwest's website and flew the airline from Chicago to Atlanta. I didn't really choose this particular flight, it just so happened that the schedule and the fare I wanted included this Air Tran flight...

Yup, I'm short. And this was an exit row :-)

Why would this be my last flight with them?

No, nothing bad happened on this flight. In fact, it was a pleasant, generally smooth, uneventful hour and a half hop. It's just that my flight back to Chicago is on an actual Southwest flight and it also just so happened that Air Tran's last flight will be on Sunday, Dec 28 -- when the brand finally fully integrates into its now-parent company, Southwest.

I wasn't even aware of that until I checked-in at Midway and after the agent mentioned that she was glad she doesn't have to deal with Air Tran's computer systems anymore. Hehe. I am just happy I can say that I was able to fly this brand once in my life :-)

Anyway, their final flight (from Atlanta to Tampa) should be on the same day and around the same time I fly back to Chicago so I will be sure to check if they have festivities going on at ATL.

December 25, 2014

2014 Season's Greetings from some of our Airline/Hotel friends...

Here are this year's email greetings from our airline and hotel friends that I've received so far. If you want to see how they've evolved through the years, you can visit my previous four years' posts hereherehere, and here.

Without any further ado....

Image from Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Hyatt Gold Passport actually sent a video but I couldn't link it here...

Image from Hyatt Gold Passport
The videos from American Airlines/US Airways and United, though, are as follows...

Here is the one from the ever-consistent Marriott Rewards...

Image from Marriott Rewards

Image from Swiss Air Lines

Image from Lufthansa
And another video. This time from LAM, TAN, and Coca-Cola...

And this year's only email greeting with an actual gift -- Virgin America...

Image from Virgin America
...giving away 500 bonus Elevate points. Because it's Christmas :-)

That's it.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Safe travels! And God Bless!

December 23, 2014

Thanks For The Christmas Gift, Virgin America!

I just received an email today from Virgin America greeting me Happy Holidays...

Image from Virgin America
...and that they are giving me 500 Elevate bonus points! Yay for free stuff! :-)

As far as I can remember, the only time I received an actual gift from an airline/hotel Holiday greeting email was last year from Wyndham Rewards -- where they gave out a Shutterfly photo book code :-)

Anyway, thanks again and Happy Holidays back to you Virgin America! :-)

December 13, 2014

This Wouldn't "Fly" In The U.S. .....

Well, I guess, it will. But expect to be charged for violation of a federal law and a felony conviction.

The Washington Post/AP reports how a Thai Air Asia flight was forced to return to Bangkok (bound for Nanjing, China) after one of the Chinese passengers threw scalding hot water on a flight attendant. The incident reportedly stemmed from when the Chinese woman and her boyfriend discovered that they were not seated together in the plane -- because the group they were a part of assigned the seats in alphabetical order.

Here is a photo from a similar article from freemalaysiatoday.com showing an Air Asia flight attendant covering her face with her hands and walking towards the back of the plane....

Image from freemalaysiatoday.com

I am not entirely sure about the credibility of the photo above but another article actually mentioned the existence of a video. The video was supposedly posted on the internet by China National Radio and it shows a man standing up in the cabin and making a threat to bomb the plane. Yup, the boyfriend reportedly stood up after her girlfriend threw hot water on the flight attendant and started threatening to bomb the plane.

To read more about this incident and to find out where the woman got her boiling water :-/, click here for the source article.

December 5, 2014

Korean Air's New (Prestige) Business Class Seat?

I know I've been slacking and my apologies. I hope 2015 will allow me to blog more regularly again :-)

Anyway, I just saw this photo on Korean Air's Twitter page.....

Image from Korean Air/Twitter

Without understanding Korean, I assumed it was a new seat. I guessed it was a new Business Class seat but I wasn't sure given their current offerings.

So with the help of Google Translate.....

Image from Google
So there you go -- Prestige Class, Korean Air's name for their Business Class.

I tried doing further research but could not get any more information on this so I guess we will just have to wait for future announcements on the seat and the first route it will be flying.

Haven't flown Korean since 2006 so who knows if my next one will be on this new seat ;-)
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